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Point-to-Point / URGENT COURIER

For when you require a same day urgent courier services across town, or get valuable items directly in the right hands, our point-to-point service is perfect for you!

You set your pace, from 30 to 180 minutes, and then we get it across town fast (Only available in the Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch metro area).

We move parcels up to 0.125 cubic metre OR 25kg. A dedicated driver will pick up your parcel(s) and deliver them directly to the receiver. We’ve teamed up with Pace Couriers to offer you a premium service at a price point we know you’ll find appealing.


Booking is simple

  • Login and go to the URGENT page.

  • Enter the address details for delivery.

  • Add the weight and the packaging dimensions of the parcel you are sending.

  • Select a speed and pick-up time.

  • Print your courier label, stick the label on your package and the courier company will get notified and come to collect on their next round.




  • You will see life accurate rates upon booking.

  • Online tracking will show you where your parcel is at any given time.



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