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We offer absolutely everything you need to get your goods where they’re going: for less than you’d expect to pay other courier companies.

Courier-it streamlines the dispatch process by flawlessly integrating popular Business Software into its courier platform. Resulting in giving users a one-page overview page of all the orders that require shipping.


The development involved to get your E-commerce, Accounting and ERP software to communicate to the Courier-it system, is something Courier-it does FREE or charge and fast. The team have you up and running in no-time!

Delivery services:


Courier Service

New Zealand Wide Delivery

For parcels across town or nationwide weighing up to 0.25 cubic metre OR 35kg (For rural up to 25kg) - whichever has the greater value, you’ll never have to break a sweat!

When time means money, and traffic is your mortal enemy, there’s no need to fear. We’ve got what it takes to beat the rush and get your parcels where they need to go on time!


Courier Service

World Wide Delivery

When you do business anywhere and everywhere in the world, Courier-it international, point-to-point service* can help you stay on top of things and save money. Booking is fast and simple.


Once we have registered you with Customs, every time you send a parcel we conveniently manage all the documentation, all you need to do is upload your commercial invoice. You can sit back and relax knowing that your most recent sales are speeding on their way to your customers safe and sound.

Best of all, we can help you conquer the world for about 40% less than your typical post shop.

*Please be aware that this service currently applies to parcels only. We do not handle shipping containers entering and/or leaving the country


Courier Service
or point to point

When you need to get your parcels from A to B at a pace approaching the speed of light, our point-to-point service is perfect for you!

A dedicated driver will pick up your parcel(s) and deliver them directly to the receiver. We’ve teamed up with Pace Couriers to offer you a premium service at a price point we know you’ll find appealing.


Bulk Freight Shipping

Need to send something bigger and/or heavier than our couriers are equipped to carry? Courier-it bulk freight offering is your new best friend! Sometimes it just takes a truck to get the job done. That’s why we’ve teamed up with shipping superstar Mainfreight Owens to get larger deliveries on their way faster. Booking service is simple, and you can rest assured that everything we carry for you will be handled with care!


Stop spending too much on deliveries. Courier-it can do it for less. Just a few clicks and you’ll be on your way to smarter shipping and irresistible savings.

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