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Courier Integration

Tradevine courier partner New Zealand

Courier-it has the capability of being fully integrated with Tradevine.

Tradevine has been designed to integrate seamlessly with TradeMe’s API which allows its software to talk directly to TradeMe’s software.

Once your customer places their order on your TradeMe Store, the process is all automated with Tradevine.

Features of Tradevine:

  • Tradevine incorporates a perpetual FIFO (first in, first out) inventory system. Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods Sold accounts are kept up to date with every purchase, sale and inventory adjustment. Tradevine is integrated with Xero accounting software, which takes care of your inventory accounting.

  • You have complete visibility of goods requiring shipment as Tradevine has back end integrations with Courier-it ticket generating software and tracking systems.

  • Track exactly when goods are shipped or are on backorder. The system automatically lets your customers know by email the tracking number of where their order is and when they can expect to receive it.

Courierit - How it Works

Courierit - How it Works

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