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  • I currently use courier ticket booklets, how do I benefit switching to Courier-it?"
    Financial benefits: No pre-paid courier tickets, you print your own label and only pay for what you use. Competitive rates, because you lever off our bulk buying power. Save time: Faster dispatch process: Easy to use online system Shows Live postage rates on all couriers Your parcel will be scanned every step of the way so you can use our automatic track and trace system to see exactly where it is or send your customer a track n trace link World Wide delivery Free Integrations into your existing programs Friendly customer service from the Courier-it Team based in Auckland NZ
  • My current courier has got an online system, how is Courier-it different?"
    Courier-it offers more services; national and International courier, Urgent/Direct courier in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metro areas and Bulk freight Software integrations and custom software integrations are FREE with Courier-it We care more… Our in-house Customer Service team is there Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm to answer every call, we even have an after hour emergency phone line.
  • What software programs do you integrate into?
    Courier-it integrates flawlessly with the following most popular Business Software & Ecommerce websites: If your program is not listed above, don’t worry Courier-it also offers custom integrations FOR FREE, please contact our team.
  • What do you mean by software integrations?
    Once you have signed up you will receive a login. On your login page you can create a label from scratch or pull information through from other platforms like Trade Me, TradeVine, your website or your accounting system like Xero. (Courier-it will set-this up for you) This means you can pull all the clients details and their order details over and print all the labels without having to type in the clients’ delivery details. All you have to do is put the packaging dimensions or weight into the system (Or if you sell recurring items just select one of your saved items preventing you from having to do this).
  • Can I send my clients a track and trace link?
    Yes you can, this will save you time answering calls from your clients wondering where their parcel is. You can even customise this automated message and add your branding.
  • Who do I contact if I have to trace a parcel?
    You can view your parcels progress online, but if you think there is an issue our in-house support team answers every call, email, web chat or facebook message and gives it the attention it deserves, so you never need to call crowded, inconvenient support lines. We even go beyond and have an afterhours emergency number.
  • How competitive are your rates?
    Because of our group buying power we receive reduced rates by the courier and freight companies, savings we pass through to our clients.
  • How can I obtain a price sheet?
    Please go to this page and fill out a request form, we will send one to you ASAP.
  • What costs are involved?
    There are NOmembership fees Satchels are provided for FREE and rate charged on ticket scan. NO prepaid satchels or courier tickets You will receive a monthly invoice on the first working day of each month, this invoice is due on or before the 20th of the month. You will receive a discounted rate if payment is received on time.
  • How do I sign up?
    Please go to our enrolment page and fill out the form, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 0800 476 789
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