OMINS (Online Marketplace Integrated Network System)

Courierit can be integrated to ship your parcels with OMINS.

OMINS are a web based SaaS (Software as a Service) application designed specifically for New Zealand based e-commerce.

The purpose of OMINS is to increase New Zealand e-Commerce sales for your company. Their automation can increase efficiency by completely eliminating the need for any monotonous, repetitive tasks and maintenance of your Trade Me listings.

With the ability to handle your CRM, stock control & reporting, shipping and billing.

You have complete visibility of goods requiring shipment as OMINS has back end integrations with Courier IT ticket generating software and tracking systems.

Features of OMINS:

  •  Your customer will receive an automated personalized email advising the status of their purchase and the tracking number of their parcel.
  • Two click order processing – most orders though OMINS require only 2 mouse clicks to fully process: one click to apply the payment automatically matched to the order by bank statement import and another to print the packing slip or invoice which is already populated with the address, extra items added to the order by the customer themselves via the checkout require no input from the OMINS user.
  • Automatic emails – an email template can be created and a personalized email sent to a customer with a single click, OMINS comes with preloaded common email templates.
  • Courier Tracking integration – with a basic bar code scanner you can scan 100+ tracking numbers into OMINS in minutes, OMINS prints a small bar code on the address label to reference the order, simply scan this and the bar code of the courier ticket/satchel, look up any order and see the exact day and even minute it was scanned to follow up any parcels.
  • Packing confirm with bar code/product picture – type or scan (using a bar code scanner) in your packing slips and see a view with pictures of the item(s) needed to pack. If the item has a bar code, this can also be loaded into OMINS and scanned against the order to confirm the correct item is picked.